All the Trailers for Destiny 2 (So Far)

All the trailers for D2 in one spot.

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Two Videos You Need to Watch Before Destiny 2

  The release of Destiny 2 is days away, and whether your not you're ready to leave the original Destiny behind, you should watch the following two videos. Be warned, they are both about 90 minutes long. Grab some popcorn and let one popular Destiny Twitch/YouTuber regale you with Destiny lore and another show you... Continue Reading →

Destiny 2 Launch Prep Guide

If you read our Destiny 2 Beta Launch guide for consoles, then Bannerfall is back to give you advice on how to prepare for the big day: Destiny 2 Launch! It’s just over one week away for consoles (Sept. 6), so whether you plan on playing on the Xbox One, PS4, or PC (releasing Oct.... Continue Reading →

Destiny 2 Beta Quick Prep Guide

Are you shaking in anticipation? When you see the word ‘Destiny’ and the number ‘2’ together do you grin like a little schoolgirl? You’ve watched the reveals, you read the information articles, and you’ve poured over the Bungie weekly updates. We all know Destiny 2 releases September 6th for consoles and about a month later... Continue Reading →

Overview of Bungie’s Vision of Destiny 2

Quotes taken from interviews in IGN's video on YouTube. Notable Quotes: Whether you’re steeped in Destiny lore and you’ve read every Grimoire card and you’ve played for thousands of hours. Or you’re brand new to Destiny, you can get something out of Destiny 2.   Whenever a game comes out with a number on it,... Continue Reading →

Destiny Sparrow 3D Model Wood Kit

Destiny-themed products and toys have slowly been making their way into the world. Even though the game is turning three years old this September, the amount of Destiny merchandise is relatively thin. One unique item I accidentally found was at the Insight Editions booth at C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo). Insight Editions publishes unique... Continue Reading →

PS4 Exclusives for Destiny 2

Earlier this week at E3, Bungie revealed the PlayStation 4 exclusives coming to Destiny 2 at launch. While that may be sad news for Xbox and PC owners, those playing Destiny 2 on the PS4 will still have to wait until 2018 themselves. A specific date was not given by Luke Smith on Twitter. Here’s... Continue Reading →

Destiny 2 and Deej at the E3 Stage

Deej, the community manager for Destiny, took to the E3 Stage Tuesday night to discuss Bungie's upcoming game Destiny 2 for about 15 minutes. Gameplay of Destiny 2’s newest PvP mode, Countdown, and the first mission called Homecoming played while the hosts asked Deej questions. Not much else was revealed that we didn’t already know.... Continue Reading →

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