Lore: Suros Weapons Foundry

Elegance in the face of brutality.

The name Suros probably immediately brings to mind the Suros Regime auto rifle. One of the pillars of the Suros Weapons Foundry is that a gun’s function should offer options to fit any type of combat situation. Be it long-range, short-range, or close combat or if you need to hit hard or quickly, a Suros gun gives you the most choices of any other foundry’s gun. Of course, besides the core use of the gun, it’s also going to look good in your hands.

Many Suros weapons were used by guards in places such as Clovis Bray and The Ishtar Collective. Now you can find them as test weapons from the Gunsmith and can buy them as rares and legendaries, and decrypt one as an exotic! Suros guns are easy to recognize by their look (slick, porcelain sheen; mainly red and white) as well as the name. Most names follow the format of SUROS <three letters> – <two numbers>. A few exceptions include the Hawksaw, Righteous VII, and the Wrath of the Machine raid weapons.

Not much is known about the Suros Weapon Foundry except if you want a gun that simply works and showcases elegance while you’re wielding it, carry a Suros.

Sources: Suros Regime Grimoire, Bungie Weekly Update, in-game dialogue and visuals 


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