Destiny 2 and Deej at the E3 Stage

Deej, the community manager for Destiny, took to the E3 Stage Tuesday night to discuss Bungie’s upcoming game Destiny 2 for about 15 minutes. Gameplay of Destiny 2’s newest PvP mode, Countdown, and the first mission called Homecoming played while the hosts asked Deej questions.

Not much else was revealed that we didn’t already know. The Arcstrider was the main character playing in Countdown, and the Homecoming mission gameplay was the same we saw at Bungie’s Twitch reveal on May 18. Deej discussed how solo players will experience more of the game as if they had a fireteam (Guided Games, etc) for the endgame content or content that is better with friends.

The hosts wanted more description on how Destiny 2 is more open world. Deej wanted them to know that Destiny 2 has always been an action game with a strong emphasis on exploration.

While crossplay has been on gamers’s mind since Destiny 2 was announced for the PC (we know crossplay is not coming), the host asked if someone started a character on the PS4 or Xbox (since consoles are released a month before), could they bring that Guardian to the PC when the game is released on October 24.

Deej responded: “We are investigating.” He also added that on the game’s release, “It’s not a feature you should expect. It’s something we’d like to do someday.”


Destiny 2 releases September 6 for PS4 and Xbox and October 24 for PC.


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