Destiny Sparrow 3D Model Wood Kit

Destiny-themed products and toys have slowly been making their way into the world. Even though the game is turning three years old this September, the amount of Destiny merchandise is relatively thin.

One unique item I accidentally found was at the Insight Editions booth at C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo). Insight Editions publishes unique books about popular events and shows related to entertainment and the arts. They have movie- and TV-show branded merchandise as well as wooden, laser-cut 3D models of characters and buildings and vehicles from TV shows under the Incredi-Builds division. Now you can add the Destiny franchise to the mix. You can purchase and build a wooden sparrow.

The package comes with two wooden sheets with pieces you punch out and connect. No tools required. No glue needed. When you’re done building it, you can paint it how you wish, giving you a customized sparrow to match your Destiny mood.

Each model kit’s difficulty is ranked on a star system. The Destiny sparrow’s skill level was 4 stars, which seemed to be on the higher end when compared to other wooden models they had on the shelves. When I spoke to one of the women manning the booth about the difficulty, she said, “As long as you read the instructions, level 4 is not bad at all.” She also stated there are videos online I could reference if I was unsure of any step.

So if building models interests you and you love playing Destiny, check out the wooden sparrow model kit! Next time you’re at a large comic-con, see if they have an Insight Editions booth, or visit their website to buy it.

Destiny Sparrow at the Insight Editions website.


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