Overview of Bungie’s Vision of Destiny 2

Quotes taken from interviews in IGN’s video on YouTube.

Notable Quotes:

Whether you’re steeped in Destiny lore and you’ve read every Grimoire card and you’ve played for thousands of hours. Or you’re brand new to Destiny, you can get something out of Destiny 2.


Whenever a game comes out with a number on it, it’s an opportunity…to bring more players into the universe.


Getting the story right has been super, super important to us.


Giving the universe a sense of progress was important to us.


If you see an activity on the destination, that’s because you haven’t done it yet. [When referring to making things simple to figure out what to do next.]


The difficulty, certainly at the pinnacle level of the game, we’ve tried to make a much tougher game.


Referring to the loadout on some activities: “For some of those activities, you’re going to be loadout locked once they start, which means you can’t change.


Destiny 2 releases on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One, and launches October 24 for PC.


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