Destiny 2 Launch Prep Guide

If you read our Destiny 2 Beta Launch guide for consoles, then Bannerfall is back to give you advice on how to prepare for the big day: Destiny 2 Launch! It’s just over one week away for consoles (Sept. 6), so whether you plan on playing on the Xbox One, PS4, or PC (releasing Oct. 24), there might be something you didn’t think of to get ready.


(NOTE: The PC Beta is going on right now through Aug. 31 for those who pre-ordered for the PC. Open PC Beta runs from Aug. 29-31.)

  1. If you have an Xbox One, pre-load the game now. PS4 users will be able to pre-load this week. Make sure you have enough room on your console to install the game. Initially, the game will take up 68 GB according to Bungie and in many online stores, but as we all know, there may be updates in the first week and/or month that will increase that. (Some sources are stating about a 30 GB download size, but to be safe, clear 68 GB as some suspect the full download is the larger size.)
  2. Speaking of downloading and installing, if you are getting a physical copy, set aside time to get the game installed. Most likely 1-2 hours, then additional time if there are early updates, which will probably be quick, but be ready since servers will be on overtime. No time has been mentioned for the servers going live (let’s cross our fingers for Bungie’s TWAB on Thursday), but check with your local store you’re getting the physical game from to see if they are doing a midnight release so you can be ready to hit ‘A’ or ‘X’ to log in soon after midnight on 9/6 or at the general reset time (going by Destiny) of 4 a.m. CST/5 a.m. EST.
  3. Have you already asked for the day off? Or have other plans for clearing Sept. 6? Bannerfall doesn’t encourage playing hooky from work or school, but it is an option if you won’t get in trouble for skipping either. It’s unknown how long Destiny 2’s story mode is. Some reports put the length at 80 missions, but if they resemble the Homecoming mission, then it will be much longer than it took you to finish vanilla Destiny. Of course, then you figure in Strikes, Nightfalls, Exploration, PvP, etc. and you have a few days content at least to level your Guardian and obtain gear.
  4. Do you have enough snacks and drinks for however long you plan to play? Besides junk food, consider adding healthy snacks and liquids to your stash. Because let’s be honest: The first days of Destiny 2 will not an hour or two affair a day. Grab some granola bars, fruits, vegetables, bottles of water, juice. Refrain from energy drinks and the like. Also, plan to stretch every hour or so. Five minutes of walking around after an hour or two of sitting will keep that blood circulating nicely.
  5. Have you done EVERYTHING you wanted to do in the first Destiny? The only thing you can’t do is Trials of Osiris, so if you didn’t complete that part of the record book, you’re out of luck. But the rest can be finished (that is, if Bungie opens up all the raids as Featured on Aug. 29’s reset). But besides the record book(s), do you have all the Grimoire, Ghosts, Siva cluster, and calcified fragments you want? All story missions done on all DLCs on all characters you created? What about playing the game (PvP or PvE) with year one weapons and gear for nostalgia? Or rolling through the raids in order of release? Leave Destiny behind this past week when you are ready, satisfied you’re going into the sequel prepared and not regretting missing something from the first one.

Hope this guide assisted you in some way. Destiny 2 is poised to take up massive amounts of time, so as long as you feel prepared, your Guardian will quickly get his light back.


And if you didn’t know by now, Destiny 2 launches on the Xbox One and PS4 on Sept. 6th and on the PC on Oct. 24th. Sorry, Dreamcast users, no launch date for you.


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